Standing Cyclist: Flirting with Wisdom, One Breath, One Mile at a Time


Standing Cyclist: Flirting with Wisdom, One Breath, One Mile at a Time

Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi

"The inspiring true story of a quirky misfit athlete who discovers the magnificent, liberating truth of middle age through loss, Asthma and a unique style of adventure cycling called Rolling."

Frank Angelo Cavaluzzi is more than a lifelong bicycle enthusiastic. He is a rolling student of philosophy, engineering, spirituality and psychology. In his book, Standing Cyclist: Flirting with Wisdom, One Breath, One Mile at a Time, Cavaluzzi explores the motivation behind (or aversion to) competition, athletics for a cause, thriving through adversity, and the second half of life transition from self-oriented to self-aware. Much of this compelling chronicle is set along the dusty trails and friendly towns the author has toured while raising awareness and funds for charity, but Cavaluzzi is no ordinary cyclist. His custom rig has a single fixed gear, no seat, and his style is more about meditation and insight and less about speed and trophies. One part sport, one part spiritual practice.

Packed full of both outdoor adventure and internal discovery, this book carries us along as the author cranks 400 miles around Lake Champlain, rolls through southwest Ireland, battles high winds near Icelandic Fjords and lava fields, and pedals standing up off-road for seven days from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, D.C. without the ability to coast. From an athletic viewpoint, his "Rolling" is best described as an intriguing combination of cycling, running and hiking. A full body workout which, along with meditation and mindful living, has helped Cavaluzzi overcome the debilitating effects of Allergic Asthma without the use of medication.

Standing Cyclist is certainly not your typical memoir or travelogue. The author uses deep yet casual, sometimes humorous, lessons learned and travel tales to help us consider what lies beyond the finish line of our own daily rat race. True tales that, when woven together, may help bridge the gap between our early, sometimes make-believe, melodramas and the trials and true wisdom that may come later in life through direct experience and self-inquiry. It's also a vivid illustration of how adversity can encourage adaptation and fuel ingenuity. Ultimately, whether you're an athlete or entry level seeker, or perhaps a little bit of both, Standing Cyclist is an honest, high energy eye opener that is sure to educate and inspire.

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