Out for a Rip: A Bike Ride Across Canada


Out for a Rip: A Bike Ride Across Canada

Aidan Garcia Sadler,Zachary Rohland,Jeremy Mercado

Blood-sucking mosquitos, dark tunnels, heart-pumping mountain roads (and the occasional run-in with police) are just some of the challenges a trio of friends encounter on their cross-Canada adventure. After completing high school, Aidan Garcia Sadler, Zachary Rohland, and Jeremy Mercado put into motion a plan that would test their mettle and their friendship. The three men-two on bicycles and the third providing support in an old Volkswagen Jetta-embark on a journey that takes them from Vancouver, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This unique travel memoir unfolds in triplicate, with each friend sharing his first-person perspective on the day's trials and triumphs, covering a dizzying 6,000 kilometres in 47 days. It's a road trip like no other, fuelled by local fruit pies and greasy fast food, punctuated with hilarious "quote of the day" reminiscences, and head-scratching and heart-warming encounters with colourful characters along the way. More than simply an adventure or travel story, Out for a Rip is a thoughtful memoir that offers lessons learned about challenging yourself, the power of friendship and faith, and the kindness of strangers, while leaving readers to ponder the unsolved mystery of more than 100 banana peels.

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