CLIMB! Conquer Hills, Get Lean, and Elevate Every Ride


CLIMB! Conquer Hills, Get Lean, and Elevate Every Ride

Bicycling Magazine,Selene Yeager

Drop pounds (and your rivals!), get fast, put more power in your pedals, and gain know-how that will make even the hardest hills feel faster. Bicycling fitness columnist Selene Yeager has experienced and enjoyed the transformative power of climbing—and she has made it much of her life’s work to learn the secrets to riding uphill. In CLIMB!, she shares not only her own hard-earned expertise but also wisdom and advice from exercise physiologists, cycling coaches, nutrition experts, and top amateur and professional climbers to help you:

Build base fitness to prepare your body for hills
Demystify the physics of climbing
Boost your power-to-weight ratio
Choose the proper gearing and cadence
Fuel for (and recover from) long, hilly days on the bike
Overcome negative self-talk
Position yourself in and out of the saddle
Strengthen your key climbing muscles off the bike
Ride downhill with confidence
And much more!

In addition to a wealth of real-world advice, workouts, and training plans, you’ll also find tributes to the world’s most iconic ascents—and inspiring stories from those who have scaled them. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, this entertaining, approachable guide will help you unleash your potential and find more joy in every ride.

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