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Gutter Punks Go Bikepacking

With the latest release of The What Is Cycling Podcast, Matt McDougall and I review our bikepacking trip through Pisgah National Forest. Matt has not only worked in the biking industry for years, he is an avid adventurer, a local legend and an amazing chef. In our recollection, we go over each day, the Yancey Ridge S240 route, how things went wrong, how things went right, and the interesting characters we met along the way. Check out the clip below of our general store encounter!

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If you are a cyclist and looking for a new podcast, give #TheWhatIsCyclingPodcast a listen! The podcast is a podcast for cyclist, by cyclist. Listen to interviews featuring professionals, local heroes and cycling industry experts. Each episode features a different guest and discusses their expertise and how they contribute to the cycling world. We are on all major platforms and are a great podcast to listen to on your rides!

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