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Cycling Enthusiast Sits and Questions Other Cyclist

Updated: May 19, 2022

Last year, 2021, was a great year for What Is Cycling. We were able to meet a lot of new cyclist and feature them in an episode of our video series. Since we wrapped up the last episode in June, there has been quite a few changes taking place behind the scenes.

As you have seen, we have completely redesigned the website, had inconsistency when keeping our social media up-to-date, but have expanded our knowledge on how we are going to produce better cycling content. Without further ado, we are launching our own podcast!

The What Is Cycling Podcast is a podcast that will be featuring professionals, amateurs, individuals and others who have shaped the cycling culture. Cycling is an activity that has been around since the 1800s, but it has seen a huge resurgence in recent years due to the covid bike boom. With new wheels hitting the ground, what better time to interview cyclist and get their take on what cycling is to them and what their expertise is outside of the cycling world.

We will be releasing our first episode very soon which will feature Matt McDougall. Matt is an adventure cyclist, bikepacker, amazing chef and a beast on any type of bike. Stay tuned for episode one, but while you wait, check out the trailer for The What Is Cycling Podcast or watch below!

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