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On this week's episode of The What Is Cycling Podcast, we have the amazing Cynthia Frazier. Cynthia was the first place female finisher at the 2022 Garmin Unbound XL gravel race in Emporia, Kansas. We sit down to discuss how her race went, winning other races, how to change your mentality, her gravel race Gravista, and her videography company. Listen to find our how her race went and get ready to learn about her! Follow Cynthia on Instagram: Follow Cynthia on Strava: Follow Gravista on Instagram: Hire Cynthia for your wedding: Connect With Us: What Is Cycling Website: YouTube: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:

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Cycling is a healthy alternative to other forms of exercise and a great way to help improve your mental health. It has been shown that cycling can help with anxiety, depression, and even self-esteem.

Cycling is a great way to get outside in the fresh air and enjoy nature. It also allows you to explore new places and meet new people. Cycling is also an excellent form of exercise as it can improve your overall health. Cycling is a low-impact exercise that can be done by people of all ages. The benefits of cycling include: improved self-esteem, reduced anxiety and depression, better sleep, improved mood and increased energy levels.

Make sure to check out the latest episode of #thewhatiscyclingpodcast to hear Lucas Livermon and I (Elijah Townsend) as we discuss cycling and how it affects your mental health! Follow the link below!

We want to connect with riders and cyclists everywhere, so we decided to add another community to our portfolio with creating the What Is Cycling club on Strava. Join the group to push yourself by getting on the leaderboard weekly for miles ridden, feet climbed and for the longest ride of the week. We will also be posting news, group events, and releases in the club, so stay tuned!

If you are a cyclist and looking for a new podcast, give #TheWhatIsCyclingPodcast a listen! The podcast is a podcast for cyclist, by cyclist. Listen to interviews featuring professionals, local heroes and cycling industry experts. Each episode features a different guest and discusses their expertise and how they contribute to the cycling world. We are on all major platforms and are a great podcast to listen to on your rides!

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the sport or activity of riding a bicycle.
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