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Thank you for checking out another episode of The What Is Cycling Podcast. We have all been affected by the C word...cancer. Whether you have battled it yourself or you have had a loved one with it. On today’s episode, we had a group chat with Fran Powell and friend of the podcast, Matt McDougall. Not only is Fran a cancer survivor, she is helping to put an end to cancer by riding her bike to raise money for the victory ride. Listen to how all three of us have been affected and how cycling can help solve the problem.

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Welcome to another episode of The What Is Cycling Podcast! I am very excited about todays episode because it is going to be a little different than other episodes. We are going to be talking with Sarah Wilson-Reissmann and she is a user experience designer at Canyon Bikes in Germany. For those who don’t know, user experience is the overall experience of a person using a product like a website or application. We are going to dive into how Sarah and her team create the best experience for you to buy a bike at Canyon. Let’s get started!

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On todays episode, we have Jeff Terebey. Jeff is a local legend and loves doing huge rides. He is a two time Garmin Unbound XL finisher and he shaved off more than 9 hours from his previous attempt. We are going to discuss his race, other challenges and riding with celebrities. Not to spoil anything, but he out sprinted a YouTube cyclist by the name of...Check it out.

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